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Jabezz Arts & Crafts is pleased to undertake private commissions for interiors and gardens in both domestic and commercial settings.

We design and create site specific and custom mosaics on commission, on any scale, from towering murals to small tabletops. We approach each design as a collaboration, working closely with the client or design team during every step of the process. Each piece is absolutely unique and produced using the finest quality materials and traditional techniques.

Once a design is agreed upon, we begin production on the mosaic. Most installations are often created in our studio on fiberglass mesh sections, then installed on-site over a period of a few days. This process ensures minimal impact on the client's space whilst allowing the client to preview the work before it is installed. We take great care to ensure that every project meets the highest standards of technical quality.

The history of mosaic goes back some 4,000 years or more, with the use of terracotta cones pushed point-first into a background to provide decoration.

By the eighth century BC, pebble pavements were in use, with different coloured stones being used to create patterns, although these tended to be unstructured decoration.

It was the Greeks, in the centuries BC, who raised the pebble technique to an art form, with precise geometric patterns and detailed scenes of people and animals.

By 200 BC, specially manufactured pieces ("tesserae") were being used to give extra detail and range of colour to the work. Using small tesserae, sometimes only a few millimetres in size, meant that mosaics could imitate paintings. Many of the mosaics preserved at, for example, Pompeii were the work of Greek artists.

As an ancient art form, Mosaic lends itself to many modern applications:

For the Garden – weatherproof art! By incorporating a mosaic you will introduce colour and interest to your garden all year round. There are many ways of using mosaics outdoors from water features, patio inserts, and stand-alone sculptures to tables.

Wall panels - for purely decorative purposes, these can either be hung or fixed directly to the wall.

Furniture - Mosaic can be incorporated into many different items from tables and mirror surrounds to benches.

Bathroom or Kitchen - if you are looking for a piece of art for your bathroom or shower room, a mosaic can provide colour and charm as a hard-wearing art form. Ideal in situations where more traditional art forms would suffer damage, mosaics can be constructed to be water and steam proof.

What do you want - A back-splash for your kitchen or bath? Looking for an accent wall piece? Need a mirror or a table top?


Mosaics are an excellent medium for either indoor or outdoor settings. They are long lasting and the colours will not fade. A mosaic will transform an area and its surroundings giving it a new lease of life and adding interest.

• The majority of our work is made to commission.
• The inspiration for the work will often come from the brief.
• The development of a design will be a dialogue between the client and myself.
• After discussing your individual requirements, we will produce a selection of designs for you to consider along with estimates of cost and time.
• When a design has been chosen and work has started we will keep you updated on progress by sending you photos via e-mail.


To best to prepare for of our initial consultation, please provide us with the following information

• Is the piece to be wall art or an installation?

• Is it for interior or exterior - where the mosaic will be located (outdoors, indoors, bathroom, wall, floor, etc.)

• If an installation, where will it be installed, inside or outdoors, in a wet area, what kind of surface?

• Is it to fit into a specific area? if possible, e-mail a photograph of the space/location where mosaic is to be installed.

• What size? (What is the approximate size of the mosaic work you wish to commission?) project size (inches, feet, or metric) and shape (rectangular, circular, etc.)

• What level of detail are you looking for?

• Design/Themes/Style: What, if any, imagery do you have in mind (flowers, a portrait, abstract surface enhancement?). What type of design would you like? (e-mail samples of pictures, or URLs , if you have any image references)

• Do have any ideas of colours - What colour palette do you have in mind?

• What is your budget?

• Are there specific materials you wish to incorporate? What materials would you like us to use (stained glass tiles, porcelain tiles, stone, etc.)

• Is there a projected deadline for the mosaic to be completed by?

• Please provide us with a delivery address, so that we can get an estimated courier / shipping cost.


The first consultation with the client is aimed at discussing design ideas. These can be inspired by an existing work or something completely new. Our first consultation is free of charge and we can give you a price range fairly quickly. Usually this can be accomplished by a phone call/e-mail, based on the information supplied (size and scope of work).

Location will also be discussed and measurements taken if appropriate:
o If the mosaic is to complement an existing interior design, the client may want to supply photographs, paint chips, fabric samples etc. to help with colour selection and provide us with some idea of individual taste and style.

o If the mosaic is to be sited in a garden, a site visit might be helpful or it may be beneficial to supply details of the existing planting or garden so that the mosaic will “fit” into the established setting.

• Applicable to all Big Projects: To determine cost, we charge a non-refundable design fee based on information obtained during our initial consultation and your understanding of the price range.
o The design fee ranges from R550.00 to R3 500.00.
 We will agree on the exact deliverables for that initial fee.
 For example: a pre-determined number of original designs, created by the artist from your specifications for you to select from, materials samples, to scale prototypes, budget and time-line, etc. Each commission is unique and we will work closely with you to ensure you we are working efficiently on your behalf.


A rough sketch design (or several if necessary) will be drafted and presented to the client together with sample tiles for discussion. The materials used will be of the highest quality; some mosaic materials are more suitable for use in certain environments than others – e.g. outside or high traffic areas.

Only materials that are entirely appropriate for the setting are considered in order to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Once the design is approved a contract will be submitted and work will commence on receipt of the client-signed copy and the deposit.


The mosaic is made in the studio and clients are invited to the studio at the half-way stage if they wish to see view progress. Alternatively photographs of the work can be sent to the client should they wish.


Wall panels, decorative pieces, small garden mosaics, tables and stepping stones etc. can be collected from the workshop or can be delivered free within the Centurion area. In-situ mosaics such as large murals and patio designs are transported to site and installed by an experienced team of specialist mosaic installation contractors.

Project installation will be billed per Man-hour at the determined rate (base is R1 600.00 per day depending on the area you are in). It is possible that the project may be installed by a third party profession – e.g. professional masonry worker.

It is client's sole responsibility to pay all the applicable costs and fees related to the installation, including the installation time, materials, insurance, etc. The cost of installation will be clearly itemized on the quote.


Mosaic commissions are priced according to the complexity of the design, the materials that are to be used as well as technical considerations for the installation. Prices largely depend on the specific nature of the commission.

Costs are assessed according to the requirements of each individual project, depending on materials, size, complexity of design, and schedule/lead time.

In making this important investment, there are several things to keep in mind.

Simple small items such as decorative pieces and garden stepping stones can be made available for as little as R130.00 and small wall panels from R770.00, with larger projects calculated by size starting at around R4 500.00 per square metre (m2).

Our custom mosaics typically cost anywhere between R4 500.00 – R7 500.00 per square metre (m2), with price being determined by factors such as size, materials and complexity of design.

Delivery and installation costs are priced separately.


Projects under R5000.00:
• Prior to initiating the project, a 50% deposit is required.

• Whilst no written contract is required for projects under R2 000.00, a letter of acceptance / confirmation of the commission (Signed Quote) with a description of the project, materials, and fees must be signed.

Projects OVER R2000.00:
• A written contract is signed by both parties for all projects >R5000.00.

• A 35% deposit is required for projects >R5000.00.

• Thereafter, payment of the balance is required as follows:

 First payment is at the design approval/official order stage (25%),

 Second payment is at the half-way stage (15%) and

 Third payment is on delivery (25%). The final amount payable will be paid by a client promptly after the completion and/or installation of the project. For projects, that will be shipped, full payment must be received prior to shipping. Note: shipping and packaging costs are not included in the price of the mosaic and will be billed separately.

• There is a nominal design fee for larger value items at the initial design submission stage which is refundable against order confirmation.

All mosaic artwork produced by Jabezz Arts & Crafts is guaranteed against faulty craftsmanship for 1 year from the date of sale. This warranty does not cover damages caused by the client's negligence or negligence of client's patrons, acts of nature, or natural wear of the mosaic products used.


Mosaics are a very labour intensive art form, which take time. Please, plan accordingly. All of our mosaics are made by hand and with exquisite care, by skilled artisans.

Mosaics take time to make: for example
• A small art piece or portrait may take 60 to 90 days from design approval.
• A large-scale work may take several months.
• A 1.5 m2 mosaic will take about 8-12 weeks to complete following the design approval.
• A 12 m2 project may take 8-12 months to complete depending on the studio's schedule for other projects.
• The average time to create, install and frame a piece of our mosaic artwork measuring 0.5m2 in size is approximately three weeks from the time we start piecing following design approval.

Note: the time taken will depend largely on our current schedule and how large and/or detailed the project is.

We can either do the artwork for you, or if you already have a piece of artwork, we can use this design as long as it is free of copyright restrictions. For most of our projects, we work back and forth with the client, starting with an initial idea and working from the sketch to the final accepted art work which is signed off and used as a pattern for the mosaic.

The costs are largely dependent on the level of detail and the type of materials used. We blend high quality glass, ceramics and other materials into a piece of art that is unique and long-lasting. Discuss your individual design needs and budget with us and we will come up with a design that will best meet your requirements.

If the mosaic is small enough, we can usually install on a base/mesh and ship it to you. You can then use a skilled tiles to fit the mosaic. If the artwork is a larger mural, we ship the mural to your site in sections. Coded for installation, with a detailed schematic for installation. We can either travel to your site ourselves, or send full instructions for your installation professional.




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